Next Week’s Learning 20.07.20

It is almost unbelievable that we have come to the end of the school year!

We chose to have a theme of ‘summer holidays’ for our final week – and into the summer holidays if you would like!

You can download the weekly planning for both in class and home learning….

We have some sheets that you may find helpful for home also…

To support our September 2020 Reception children, please download our daily phonics sessions and support sheets

Remember, you can contact us on our school email address:

Have a wonderful summer break everyone – stay safe

This Week’s Learning 29.6.20

This week we read the book Mr Gumpy’s Outing. This book was fantastic for introducing new vocabulary – bleat, squabble etc. The children made reasoned attempts at working out the new words. We were also very impressed with their ability to recall the story in order – even remembering what Mr Gumpy said to each animal!

Mrs W created some lovely creative activities linked to the animals in the story! The children loved making the funny sheep and painting the pigs with mud!

We had some lovely messy play this week! We are really enjoying the foaming soap in our water tray – it’s a great way to encourage regularly handwashing too! We also had lots of water beads in our Tuff Spots this week – the children loved the feel of them and were very inventive in how they collected them up! Water play was another big hit – we had guttering and tubes out and the children had great fun making the water travel from one tray to the other.

We are very impressed with the hard work we are seeing in phonics! In school the children are really trying hard with their letter formation and thinking of objects that begin with the sound of the week. At home you are working hard too! Victor’s letter ds show amazing progression as he uses the rhymes to help him for the letters. Please keep going everyone!

I’m hearing lots of great feedback about the Busy Things website. As an LGfL school we have access to this amazing site – it has links to all areas of the curriculum from Nursery up to Year 6. If you haven’t used it yet please have a look. If you need the login details to get on just send us an email and we’ll pass on the details.

We love to see the photographs of you out and about too! Victor has been to a PYO this week – he picked strawberries, raspberries, broccoli…. The learning that takes place while on these adventures is huge! But most importantly – it’s great fun!

We love seeing your photographs of everything you are doing while we are apart, please keep uploading to Tapestry each week!

This Week’s Learning – 22.6.20

This week we read the book Pirates Love underpants. I must confess that I was dubious about the book and the learning opportunities it would provide – so much so that I’d removed it from next year’s topics. HOWEVER, the positive response that I got from the children (at home and at school) was amazing – the book is now back on the list for next year!

The children loved the ideas of the pirates and their treasure hunts. The link to the other ‘underpants’ stories the author has also written was fantastic as lots of the children recognised them!

The children at school has great fun going in treasure hunts this week! We hid tiny jewels and gems around the activities and they loved discovering them!

Numicon was also a big hit this week! The children enjoyed just playing around with it to start with – fitting pieces together like a puzzle. Then they started to look at counting the holes or putting gems in the holes. Then they really enjoyed using it to fit in the shapes (pirate hat, treasure chest and pirate ship) – it was wonderful to witness their thinking and logical reasoning as they tried to solve the puzzles. Some children even started to count up all of the holes once they’d completed the puzzles – there were over 30 in some of the shapes too!

We are so proud of the children completing phonics sessions at home and in school. They are all doing so well and this will really support them when they move up to Reception Class in September. The children are remembering the sound of the week and finding lots of objects starting with this sound. Their letter formation is looking fantastic. Some of the children are even successfully starting to blend simple sounds together to read word. This is all so wonderful – please keep it up everyone!

If you need any further support with phonics, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

The weather has been fantastic this week and water play has been very sucessful both at home and in school!

Creatively has been running high both at school and also at home. At school we are very lucky to have Mrs W working with us in our Green Bubble. Mrs W loves all things arty and can magic up wonderful activities at the drop of a hat! This week she had the children designing their own pirate boats – they loved it! We have also seen beautiful mud cakes, pirate flags and pirate hats. Logan (and his nanny and sister) talked about lots of different sea creature and then drew pictures of them!

We love seeing your photographs of everything you are doing while we are apart, please keep uploading to Tapestry each week!

This Week’s Learning – 15.06.20

This week we read the book The Fish Who Could Wish. It was a lovely book that sparked lots of talk about wishes, about the favourite parts of the book and about the creatures under the sea!

The children at school and at home had great fun making seahorses and fish! They practised cutting, sticking and also spacial awareness about where to stick down items.

We are so thrilled to see the progress in Maths every week! Everyone is doing so well with their counting. We also looked at shape and talked about properties of shapes; number of sides, straight or curved sides, number of pointy corners. Some of us even knew the names of shapes.

Phonics sessions at home and in school seem to be going really well – keep it up Team Ladybirds!

At home and in school we have enjoyed the lovely weather and have been getting closer to nature!

We love seeing your photographs of everything you are doing while we are apart, please keep uploading to Tapestry each week!

This Week’s Learning – 15.6.20

We have another mid-week photo gallery again this week! We hope that you find it supportive and inspiring.

We have been continuing with our phonics this week. We are focusing on the a a a a a a sound – the children have been trying really hard with writing this letter and with finding objects beginning with the sound a – although that is still a tricky task for most of us.

We have loved painting on different textures this week! We’ve used bubble wrap, tin foil and packaging wrap – it has really inspired the children and promoted lots of talk around textures: smooth, bumpy, rough, shiny…. We also used our hands to paint with and we described how the paint felt on our hands!

We have enjoyed making puppets and creating sea creatures out of different materials. We have been practicing our cutting skills and understanding of how to join materials.

Please continue to add your photographs to Tapestry – not only do we enjoy looking at them but also it helps us to ensure we get the starting point correct for when you return to school.

We are excited to welcome more children back to school this week. Please continue to contact us via Tapestry or our class email account;

This Week’s Learning – 8.6.20

We have enjoyed the book – Commotion in the Ocean – this week. The children have loved learning about all the different creatures that live in the ocean.

One of our Ladybird friends has a message to share with all of his friends….

The children at school had great fun making jellyfish, fish and turtles this week – the practised their cutting skills decorating their beautiful fish! It has been lovely to see the children learning at home have had great fun creating fish, jellyfish and octopuses! .

Everyone did fantastically at their Maths this week and the activities looks great fun and varied! We have ordered numbers to 20 and attached pegs to numbers – all super for working on recognising our numerals. We showed excellent counting skills this week again – counting the number of spots on the octopus’s tentacles and counting the sea animals; all of these are really helping use to write our numbers!

We restarted our phonics sessions this week and it has been a great success in school and at home! In class we have set up a phonics table which has lots of objects beginning with the sound mmmmmmmm – the children in class have responded really well to this and we have seen improvements in their sounding out and letter writing every day! We are also getting great feedback from our pupils who are home learning – the sheets we provided have been very successful and it is lovely for the children to see that both home and school learning are following the same teachings!

In nursery we are loving our under the sea tuff spot – it is full of different sea creatures, shells, stones and even hidden treasures!

We love seeing your photographs of everything you are doing while we are apart, please keep uploading to Tapestry each week!