This week we read the book Mr Gumpy’s Outing. This book was fantastic for introducing new vocabulary – bleat, squabble etc. The children made reasoned attempts at working out the new words. We were also very impressed with their ability to recall the story in order – even remembering what Mr Gumpy said to each animal!

Mrs W created some lovely creative activities linked to the animals in the story! The children loved making the funny sheep and painting the pigs with mud!

We had some lovely messy play this week! We are really enjoying the foaming soap in our water tray – it’s a great way to encourage regularly handwashing too! We also had lots of water beads in our Tuff Spots this week – the children loved the feel of them and were very inventive in how they collected them up! Water play was another big hit – we had guttering and tubes out and the children had great fun making the water travel from one tray to the other.

We are very impressed with the hard work we are seeing in phonics! In school the children are really trying hard with their letter formation and thinking of objects that begin with the sound of the week. At home you are working hard too! Victor’s letter ds show amazing progression as he uses the rhymes to help him for the letters. Please keep going everyone!

I’m hearing lots of great feedback about the Busy Things website. As an LGfL school we have access to this amazing site – it has links to all areas of the curriculum from Nursery up to Year 6. If you haven’t used it yet please have a look. If you need the login details to get on just send us an email and we’ll pass on the details.

We love to see the photographs of you out and about too! Victor has been to a PYO this week – he picked strawberries, raspberries, broccoli…. The learning that takes place while on these adventures is huge! But most importantly – it’s great fun!

We love seeing your photographs of everything you are doing while we are apart, please keep uploading to Tapestry each week!