This week our book of the week was ‘Elmer’ by David McKee. It was about an elephant who thought he was different because he was so colourful – but actually he realised he was special!

The elephants and other animals disguised themselves by painting themselves in all the colours of the rainbow! We had to use toothbrushes to clean them off and discover which elephant was the real Elmer!

We had great fun icing our elephant biscuits! We used different coloured icing to make them look as colourful as Elmer, then we added sprinkles and smarties to make them even more colourful! It was messy but we could hardly wait to take them home to eat them! We each made 3 biscuits so we could share them with people who were special to us.

Our Small World tray helped us to retell the story of Elmer. It contained Elmer and his jungle friends, as well as foliage that might be found in the jungle. It was fun to explore and we talked about what happened in the jungle with Elmer.

We had good fun on the iPads this week! Every Thursday we get to use the iPads – this week our challenge was to draw a picture using the iPads, some of us tried to draw pictures linked to our story of the week. We drew pictures of Elmer, of the grape tree and of Elmer’s jungle friends.