This Week’s Learning – 20.01.20

This week our traditional tale was ‘Goldilocks and the 3 Bears’.

We had lots of different ways to retell the story like our small world with props and real oats! We also used a story board to order and retell the story.

We really enjoyed painting bears this week! We chose our own shade of brown to paint the bear and we painted on features including eyes, mouths and paws! We haven’t taken our paintings home yet as they are on display in the classroom.

We created bears using paper collage and large googly eyes!

We are still keeping a close eye on our beans – at last they are starting to grow!

We had more iPad fun this week retrieving saved photographs and working out where they were taken in the classroom. Then we played our Maths games afterwards – some of us chose to work in pairs to complete these.

We had good fun playing with the porridge oats this week.  We helped to feed the 3 Bears, searched for bears in the oats and even wrote our names in the oats!

Finally, this week we also enjoyed playing with the blocks outside! We made walls, stacked them high and even transported them around in a trolley.

Next Week’s Learning

Next week we will be looking at The 3 Billy Goats Gruff. We will use this book to focus on counting – counting goats, counting the number of steps, counting the ‘trip traps’.

We will be retelling the story using our Small World area.

In our inside tray we will have straw, oats and a large log – we will be talking about the texture of materials from outside.

We will also be making our own trolls that live under bridges…

This Week’s Learning 13.01.20

This week our traditional tale was ‘Cinderella’.

We helped Cinderella do her washing and then we ordered the clothes. We have been counting to 10 and also working on recognising numerals to 10.

We loved the pink rice in the inside tray – it was also full of sparkles! We enjoyed filling up bottles with the rice and listening to the sound they made when shaken.

Last week we planted beans to see if they would grow into a huge beanstalk. This week we have been remembering to water our beans and watching to see if they start growing!

We have computing time on a Thursday each week. This week the adults took photographs from around the classroom and we had to open the photos and find where they were taken – we were all very good at this. After the lesson we had 15 minutes of free time on the iPads – we played a Maths games or drew pictures.

We have PE in the hall every Friday.  This week we were helping the Prince to find Cinderella’s shoe.  We worked in teams to collect as many shoes as we could find – it was good fun and we needed a big drink of water afterwards!